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Developing class pages
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Creating an Assignment Help Center using Wikispaces
ALAO 10/29/10
Polly Wilkenfeld, Head of Patron Services, Ursuline College
Kathy Fisher, Reference & Instruction Librarian, Ursuline College

Ursuline College
  • Founded in 1871, UC was the first women's college in Ohio and one of the first in the U.S.
  • Ursuline's student body, including undergraduate and graduate students, is over 1500. Although we primarily educate women, 9% of our undergraduate student population are men. 27% of our undergraduate students represent a variety of minority groups.
History of AHC
Subject Pages vs. Class pages
Reasons for Assignment Pages
  • Excellent PR
  • Relatively quick to create
  • One page resource for students and faculty in a class
    • Simplicity of page follows assignment
    • Saves paper of handouts including PPT slides
    • acts as an "interactive outline" students can refer to later
    • multiple access points (Library home page, CMS, syllabus, email)
Types of assignement pages:

Assignment specific
Formatting limited (layout & design)
Easy to add as you go even in class
Editing issues/problems
- much easier in Firefox
- updates/changes must be made page by page
Version control
Dealing with archive pages
· faculty reuse content w/out updating
· keep, delete, hide or update?
Shows authorship of pages
Individual librarian differences in thoroughness, design skills, look & feel
· use template? remove personal touch, but provide more consistency?
It’s a wiki!
It’s a wiki.
· pages locked – we use it as a web site, not a wiki
Legitimizes librarians and library resources
Requires faculty buy-in
Students familiar with wiki format from Wikipedia
confuse Wikispaces with Wikipedia??
Link to a page by class name & number and instructor name
- can use the same page for multiple classes
URLs can be long and awkward
Very small fee for removal of ads and increased storage
additional fees for advanced services and features - no usage statistics
easy to learn; requires some self-training
may be invisible or below radar for library administration

Future Directions

Hand held devices