CAT 548

Finding Tests/Assessments/Instruments

Obtaining tests (such as Myers-Briggs) often involves contacting the publisher, which will want payment for the use of the test. Many of these tests are highly controlled by their publishers. Some are not. It is often up to the publisher/author to determine how easily accessible the test is to practitioners. There are some ways to go about looking for these tests, which may include the following:

  • Measures for Clinical Practice and Research, 4th Edition
    • Call Number: Reference BF 176 .C66 2007 (2 volumes)
    • This reference work is divided into two volumes, one for adults and one for children, couples, and families. It includes summaries of tests (purpose, description, scoring, availability, etc) and the test as it was allowed to be published within the work.

  • PsycINFO
    • Use limiters in the database to narrow your results
    • Classification codes: Tests & testing, sensory & motor testing, personality scales & inventories, clinical psychological testing, neuropsychological testing, health psychology testing, etc.
    • Tests & Measures: type in the scale you are researching within the limiters for information on tests/measures.
    • Use keywords like instrument, inventory, survey, test, etc.
      • When searching for reviews, put the test name in quotes (ie. "Basic Personality Inventory") and search.
        • Some are popular; some are not!

    • Use limiters in the database to narrow your results
    • Publication types: Questionnaire/Scale, Research Instrument
    • Use keywords like instrument, inventory, survey, test, etc.

  • HAPI
    • Produced by Behavioral Measurement Database Services, this comprehensive bibliographic database is abstracted from hundreds of leading journals covering health sciences and psychosocial sciences. It also provides information about behavioral measurement instruments, including those from Industrial Organizational Behavior and Education.
    • Ursuline College does not have a subscription to this database! You may attempt to use a free 30-day trial to access its contents.

Using the Mental Measurements Yearbook and Tests in Print

  • Tests in Print IX (TIP IX) serves as the index for the Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY). Tests listed in the TIP IX include information such as purpose, population, publication date, authors, and will indicate in Cross References whether or not a review exists in the MMY. If a review does exist, it will give two numbers separated by a colon, such as 12:274.

  • 12 equals the 12th Mental Measurements Yearbook. 274 equals the test number. Page numbers, while present, are not important in the MMY or TIP IX.

  • The TIP IX and each MMY have a Score Index located at the back of each volume, which provides insight into what that volume’s tests measure. All numbers in the index are again test numbers, not page numbers. You may use this index to quickly find tests relating to particular areas of interest, such as ADHD, Comfort with Authority, etc.

  • The MMY does not contain the actual tests. It only contains reviews. To obtain tests, you commonly have to pay.

  • Not online! All reviews are in print, in the library only. You can search the TIP IX for whether or not there is a review by going to the Buros website. Your search results will direct you to the MMY volume that contains your test's review. (Note: This website will provide you with the option to buy a review. Please do not do this. We have the print available in the library!)

Location of the MMY and TIP VIII in the Library:
Call #
Critiques / Reviews
alpha list with description
other info
Mental Measurements Yearbook
REF BF 176 .M46
1938, 1940, 3rd-20th (2017)

MMY is published every other year. Each volume contains:
  • new or significantly revised tests
  • detailed info about the test
  • EARLIER PUBLICATIONS IN THIS SERIES listed in front of the title page – key to cross references
TIP IX acts as an index for MMY 1-19
Tests in Print IX
REF BF 176 .T478 2016
comprehensive volume (supersedes TIP volumes 1-8)

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