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Why should you encourage your studentsto visit the Ralph M. Besse Library?

Today's students live online, and are often over-confident about their ability to do research and find scholarly information. They are also frequently unaware of the abundance of Ursuline Library's resources, including:
  • Print and electronic reference materials providing topic overviews and suggested readings
  • Indexes and Databases with full-text access to millions of popular, trade, and scholarly articles
  • Electronic books and digital audio-visual materials accessible through the library's online catalog
  • Helpful, friendly librarians = INFORMATION EXPERTS

Let us help you help your students! The library provides the tools students need to succeed!

Contact your department's Liaison Librarian or Kathy Fisher to:
  • Develop a class assignment resource page
  • Schedule a class visit at the library for in-depth and hands-on research skills development
  • Conduct a resource workshop for you and your colleagues

Important things to know:
  • Students gain most from library instruction in context (that is, when they have an actual research assignment due).
  • Your attendance during library sessions is crucial! Instructors must be present to validate the importance of library research and to answer specific questions about assignments.
  • Library sessions are tailored to specific assignments, so the content is different for each class.

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