Catholic Church History
Christianity And Other Religions Islam
Christianity And Other Religions Judaism
Church and social problems
Council Of Trent 1545 1563
Conservatism Religious Aspects Christianity
Constantine I Emperor Of Rome D 337
Ecumenical Movement
Emigration And Immigration Religious Aspects Catholic Church
Methodism History
Monastic and Religious Life of Women
Mormon Church
Reformation England
Religion And Politics
Religious Fundamentalism
Schism Eastern and Western Church
Trinity History Of Doctrines
United States -- Church history
Vatican Council 2nd 1962 1965

The Catholic revolution : new wine, old wineskins, and the Second Vatican Council
Freedom's coming : religious culture and the shaping of the South from the Civil War through the civil rights era
The Mormon people : the making of an American faith
Religion in America since 1945 : a history
The religious beliefs of America's founders : reason, revelation, and revolution
Vatican II
The Word made flesh : a history of Christian thought
World Christianities c. 1914-c. 2000

Church history 101 : a concise overview
Encyclopedia of the crusades
Encyclopedia of women and religion in North America
The encyclopedia of American Catholic history
New Catholic encyclopedia. Supplement 2010
The Oxford dictionary of the Jewish religion
The Oxford encyclopedia of the Reformation

The Catholic Reformation
Charles Wesley and the struggle for Methodist identity
John Calvin's ideas
The Oxford dictionary of popes
The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Religion and Social Justice

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