QSEN competencies (KSAs)

Select one competency and conduct a literature review to find articles from professional nursing journals to support its importance/significance.

  • Examine the KSAs to brainstorm keywords to use in your literature search.
  • Remember that each competency is defined by several key concepts (concept = keyword)

Searching CINAHL x(Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature):
  • Search one or two keywords for best results
  • Recommended limiters:
    • Published date 2013-2018 (past 5 years)
    • English language
    • Journal subset: Core Nursing (use this for best access to full text)
  • Here's how to identify and read a RESEARCH STUDY ARTICLE
  • Important tips:
    • If you check the Evidence-Based Practice box, your results will be limited to a very small group of EBP journals.
    • Remember: the world is getting smaller! Many articles published in the U.S. report on research conducted abroad. Be aware of author affiliations and locations as you search.
    • Use the Find it! button to connect to full text if necessary; if Find it! doesn't find it, try searching the journal title in Journal Finder

APA style and citation:

Culture Assignment

Find information/articles about selected cultures and/or religious traditions with regard to:
  • overall health practices
  • birth & death practices

  • Transcultural Nursing Resources
    • Comprehensive list of books and reference books in the Ursuline College library
  • CINAHL suggested keywords:
    • patient attitudes
    • spirituality
    • cultural competence
    • combine above terms with keywords pertaining to your topic - don't forget to try alternate words!