Evidence-Based Professional Nursing Practice
NR 265

Explore the literature via CINAHL and PubMed: Research Strategy

  • See search tips for recommended nursing databases (below) for helpful limiters and other search strategy development advice
  • How to identify and read a research study article
  • Introduction to Literature Reviews (video)
  • Combine search terms and concepts using AND/OR (Boolean search strategy)
    • Use OR to broaden your search to include synonyms and related terms (anxiety OR fear OR worry)
    • Use AND to narrow your search by combining concepts
  • Additional search tips:
    • Use truncation to find variants of a word (therap*= therapy, therapies, therapeutic, etc.)
    • Use phrase searching to find words in a certain order (e.g., "compression device")
    • Use Search History to combine search result lists (combine concepts with AND to narrow your results)
    • Use database limiters to further refine your results
  • HOW DO I GET THE FULL TEXT? Click Find It! to locate full text. If Find It! doesn't find it, search Journal Finder using the title of the journal. If you still can't find the full text, try searching to see if it is free online. Last resort: try Article Request (it may take up to 10 days to process your request)

Evaluate and appraise your results

PICO(T) questions and EBP

APA Style & Citations

Search tips for recommended nursing databases

  • CINAHL - Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature
    • Apply these limit options for best results ("Show More" - left-hand navigation bar):
      • Published Dates 2013-2018
      • Research Article (checkbox)
      • English Language (checkbox)
      • Journal Subset: Core Nursing Journals (scroll menu) Note: this limiter provides best access to full text, but could eliminate some useful results
    • HUGE result list? Try adding these limit options (use with caution - try searching with and without additional limiters)
      • Any author is a nurse (checkbox)
      • Randomized Controlled Trials (checkbox)
      • Evidence-based Practice - VERY LIMITING! (literature reviews and meta-analyses from a small group of EBP journals ONLY)
  • Medline - comprehensive index to medical literature from the National Library of Medicine
    • Apply these limit options for best results:
      • Date of Publication 2013-2018
      • English Language
      • Journal & Citation Subset: Nursing
    • MeSH = Medical Subject Headings
      • Very comprehensive controlled vocabulary - try using MeSH terms as keywords in other databases, too
  • PubMed - Publicly available index; use Ursuline Library's link for best access to full text
    • Use these filter options for best results (click Show additional filters to see all filtering options):
      • Published in the last 5 years
      • Language: English
      • Journal Categories - Nursing Journals
    • Don't see the Find It button? If you can't get to the full text from PubMed, mouse over the abbreviated journal title. Type that title into Journal Finder to see if we have full text access at Ursuline Library.
  • PsychInfo - Indexes articles, books, dissertations, and reports in psychology
    • Apply these limit options for best results:
      • Peer reviewed journal
      • English language
      • Publication dates
    • Tip: try adding keyword nurs* to your search terms

Systematic Reviews

Schedule a research appointment if you need more help. Walk-in research help is also available - please contact us!
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