Accumulating and organizing references - use RefWorks
  • Self-guided tutorial: RefWorks Workshop
  • Regarding citation of Cochrane Reviews: There is inconsistency among scholars regarding correct APA citation of Cochrane Reviews. Breen School of Nursing faculty have discussed this issue and agree to follow the recommendation and example provided in the APA Style Blog. RefWorks does not automatically follow this format, so you must edit Cochrane Review citations manually.
    • Tip: The only place to find the issue number is on the title page of the PDF of a full-text review.
  • APA Formatting and Style Guide (from OWL at Purdue) - This is a reliable general reference resource for citation and APA style.

Inside info from the librarian about databases and the research process:

Some Ursuline Library Databases: (full database list)

Additional Evidence Based Nursing Resources:

PICO Search Engines
These databases are freely available online, but full-text content may require a subscription. See Finding full text on this page (below) to find full text via Ursuline Library.

Finding full text: step-by-step sleuthing to help you find the full text of articles
  1. If Find It! can't find it, use Journal Finder to see if Ursuline subscribes to the journal in print or online. If we own it in print, go to step #3 below.
  2. If you still can't find the full text, try searching for the article by title in Google Scholar - sometimes this works!
  3. If you still can't find the full text online, consider these options:
    • If Ursuline has the journal in print and you can't come to the library to make a photocopy, submit an Article Request form. We will scan and email it to you.
    • If you can't find the article in print, online, or anywhere else, submit an Article Request form. We will do our best to find the article for you.
    • If you are affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic or UH, you may be able to find the article using their library resources:

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