Professional Nursing Practice with Adults I
Evidence-Based Article Paper

Searching in CINAHL:
  • Search using keywords - one or two broad terms (e.g., cognition, incontinence, pressure ulcers, fall prevention etc.)
  • Recommended Limiters: from the result list view, click "Show More >>" under the publication date slider in the navigation bar on the left
    • Publication year 2013-2018 (past 5 years)
    • Journal Subset: Core Nursing (best access to full text)
    • English
    • Research Article
    • Any author is a nurse (try searching with and without this limiter)
    • Special interest: Gerontologic Care (try searching with and without this limiter)
    • Age groups - ctrl+click to select multiple age ranges (try searching with and without this limiter)
    • DO NOT select the "Evidence Based Practice" limiter!! It removes most primary research articles from your result list.
  • Look for a primary research article that provides evidence about the effectiveness of an intervention
  • How to identify and read a research study article

Creating Citations and writing your paper in APA Format: