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Searching for Journal Articles

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Website Evaluation

  • To evaluate websites and news sources, we encourage you to use the CRAP Test.

Citing Sources

  • MLA Formatting and Style Guide
  • Noodle Tools Express - Select style and the type of source you are citing, then fill in the form to generate a citation you can copy & paste.
  • Most article databases provide citation generators - look for a "Cite" tool or link in the right-hand navigation of the article description page.

Keep in mind that you're responsible for editing your citations! If you're using online tools to help you construct your citations, always check for errors.

Off-Campus Access

To use Ursuline Library electronic resources from off-campus, you will be prompted to enter your first & last name (ex: John Doe) and your Ursuline ID number (ex: 1234567).

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Sexual Violence

Reference Books:
Sexual violence and abuse : an encyclopedia of prevention, impacts, and recovery (REF HV 6556 .S447 2013)
Violence against girls and women : international perspectives (REF HV 6250.4 .G57 V558 2013)

Circulating Book:
Redefining rape : sexual violence in the era of suffrage and segregation (HV 6561 .F74 2013 - also available as an ebook)

The Wiley handbook on the psychology of violence - See Part 6: Sexual Violence (Chapters 23-27)

Keywords for Database Searching:
  • Try copy and pasting the exact keyword string listed below into your search box:
    • (sexual violence OR sexual assault OR rape) AND (women OR woman)

Water Contamination / Flint, Michigan

Reference Books:
The global water crisis : a reference handbook (REF TD 348 .N49 2016)
Environmental encyclopedia (REF GE 10 .E58 2011) - See entries on "drinking-water supply" and "lead management"
Encyclopedia of environmental issues (REF GE 10 .E523 2011) - See entries on "lead," "water pollution," and "water quality"

Global drinking water management and conservation : optimal decision-making- See Chapter 10: "Public Health and Lead Sampling"

Keywords for Database Searching:
  • Try copy and pasting the exact keyword string listed below into your search box:
    • drinking water AND (contamination OR pollution)

Negative Impacts of Technology & Social Media

Reference Books:
Handbook of children and the media (REF HQ 784 .T4 H29 2012)

Circulating Book:
Cyberbullying : bullying in the digital age (HV 6773 .K69 2012)

The Wiley handbook of psychology, technology and society
The psychology of interpersonal violence- See Chapter 2 on Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying : approaches, consequences and interventions
Internet addiction : neuroscientific approaches and therapeutical interventions

Keywords for Database Searching:
  • Try copy and pasting one of the exact keyword strings listed below into your search box:
    • cyberbullying OR cyber bullying OR cyber-bullying
    • (internet OR social media OR social networks OR facebook OR twitter OR instagram) AND (addiction OR dependency)