Group 1
Animal rights: caging wild animals
search terms: animals, animal rights, animal welfare, zoos, circus, marine theme parks, wildlife, wild animals in captivity
also consider: ethics, justice, cruel*, entertainment, education, preservation, wildlife conservation, endangered species, rescue, sanctuar*

Reference ebooks
Animal rights by Kim Masters Evans (2010)
Animal rights: a reference handbook by Clifford J. Sherry (2009)

A theory of justice for animals: animal rights in a nonideal world by Robert Garner (2013)
The ethics of captivity by Lori Gruen (2014)
Governing animals: animal welfare and the liberal state by Kimberly K. Smith (2012)
Animal suffering and the problem of evil by Nicola Hoggard Creegan (2013)
Zoo animal welfare by Terry L. Maple & Bonnie M. Purdue (2013)
Zoo talk by Patricia G. Patrick & Sue Dale Tunnicliffe (2013)

Redemption impossible: in the midst of humans (2012)
A fall from freedom: sea mammals in captivity (2011)
A vision for the future: species protection in Africa (2002)

Articles: URSearch and topic databases
URSearch - searches all Ursuline databases at once; enter search then check boxes to limit to full text, scholarly (peer reviewed) journals
GreenFile - covers all aspects of human impact on the environment
Agricola - covers agriculture and allied disciplines, including animal sciences

Web resources
Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries
US National Agricultural Library Animal Welfare Information Center
Humane Society Statement on Wild Animals
WWF: World Wildlife Conservation

Group 2
Birth control: provision of free/low cost options
search terms: "birth control", ("low cost" or "no cost" or free), pregnancy prevention, planned parenthood, family planning, contracept*, low income, cost
also consider: poor, poverty, economic*, financial*, socioeconomic, sex education, reproductive health, sexual health

Reference books
Encyclopedia of birth control edited by Vern L. Bullough (2001)
Poverty and the government in America: a historical encyclopedia (2009)

Critical issues in reproductive health edited by Andrzej Kulczycki (2014)
International handbook of adolescent pregnancy: medical, psychosocial, and public health responses (2014)
Best intentions: unintended pregnancy and the well-being of children and families (1995)
Welfare, the family, and reproductive behavior (1998)

Considering birth control, pregnancy, and childbirth options (2007)
Kids having kids: teenage pregnancy (2006)
Breaking the cycle of poverty (2014)

Articles: topic databases
Gender Studies Database
Points of View Reference Center - assists researchers in understanding the full scope of controversial issues
SocINDEX - comprehensive sociology research database

Web resources
Clinical preventive services for women: closing the gaps (2011) - IOM report
International Planned Parenthood Federation
National Poverty Center
Reproductive Health Access Project

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CRAP Test - Web evaluation checklist

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