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Annual Register of Grant Support
REF AS911 .A2 A6777 2007

Arts & Healing Network

Cleveland Foundation
The world's first community foundation and the nation's third largest today. Annual grants of $84 million.

Creative Workshop Fellowship

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture

Foundation Center
Maintains the most comprehensive database on U.S. and, increasingly, global grantmakers and their grants.

Foundation Grants to Individuals
REF LB2336 .F598 20013

George Gund Foundation
Nonprofit institute with the sole purpose of contributing to human well-being and the progress of society.

Grants register
REF LB2338 .G7 2015


Michigan State University - Grants for Individuals

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies
Works to strengthen state arts agencies.

National Endowment for the Arts
A public agency dedicated to supporting excellence in the arts, both new and established; bringing the arts to all Americans; and providing leadership in arts education.

Ohio Arts Council
A state agency that funds and supports quality arts experiences to strengthen Ohio communities culturally, educationally, and economically.

Ohio Humanities

Progressive Arts Alliance

Graduate Program Information

Graduate & professionial programs
REF L901 .P442 2001

Financial Aid

College student's guide to merit and other no-need funding
REF LB2337.2 .C656 2008-10

Financial aid for African Americans
REF LB2337.4 .S34 2009

Peterson's college money handbook
REF LB2337.2 .C65 2007

Scholarship book
REF LB2337.2 .C37 2008

Scholarships, fellowships and loans
REF LB2338 .S36 2007
Also available online

Scholarships, grants & prizes
REF LB 2337.4 .P475 2009

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U.S. Copyright Office
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